Forget Google, Search with Kanye

The internet is truly a revolution. It’s changed the face of practically every industry in the world and with time it will only become more dominant. No other industry has been affected by the internet more than the music industry. Record sales have been plumeting hard over the last decade due in large part the rise of the mp3.

Kanye West is making sure he’s on top of the game no matter what the field of play is. The Chicago Producer/MC has teamed up with Google and to create his own search engine. The search results pop up the same as with regular Google but Kanye’s site gives searchers the opportunity to earn “swag bucks” for prizes and merchandise. Kanye is just one of many superstars to take on this endeavor. Beyonce, Randy Moss, Akon and even Willie Nelson all have similar sites.

The internet is what it is people. Get with it or get rolled over.


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