Saturday Morning Clean-Up

If you’re like me, the life ills of the week are always too overbearing to get any real housecleaning done. But there’s nothing like a Saturday morning is there? The sun seems to rise a little later and shine a little brighter. No clean up session is complete without music. Regardless of genre , tunes have to be part of the proceedings. When it comes to albums I have a few classics that I start my weekend with.

Here’s a list of my favorite house cleansing bangers:

This is back when Mannie Fresh was the hardest working producer in hip hop. He was the architect of every song on every Cash Money album from ’98 to about 2004. 400 Degreez is surely his greatest masterpiece. This is real gangsta shit yall, with beautiful music as the backdrop.

No words needed.

Everything ain’t hardcore. I don’t sing too much, but the homie Ginuwine put together this joint during my sophomore year in high school and it’ still with me. I get it in at least once a week. Timbaland laced him.


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