Thank God It’s Friday

Isn’t it funny how just seeing Smokey and Craig makes you think of Friday? Another Friday is upon us.Which means another week of work is in the books.
On a somber note, I want to say R.I.P to everyone who lost their lives on the campus of Northern Illinois yesterday. Click the CNN link to the left for more information about that. Also I want to say R.I.P to every young black male that lost their life this week in any hood across the country. Their stories won’t make it to the major cable stations and they won’t grace the cover of USA Today, but they’re out there.

But back to the lighter side of things, it’s still friday. Remember how Friday made you feel as a shorty. It feels even better now. Now I understand why “Friday” songs were so popular to older people, especially a payday Friday.

Here’s the classic “This is How We Do It” from Montell Jordan:

And just as a history lesson to those of you who may need it, here’s the sample that Montell Jordan used for “This is how we do it.” It’s the classic Slick Rick joint “Children’s Story:


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