Weekly Update: The Wire

We’ve made it to the seventh week of season five on The Wire and the crystal ball is still a bit cloudy. McNulty is still pulling off his scheme with the homeless bodies but it’s definately getting hotter in the kitchen. McNulty and Freamon place a fake call to that reporter (Templeton) fromm the Baltimore Sun who’s been lying about actually talking to the serial killer (who doesn’t exist).

Meanwhile on the political side of things, Sen. Clay Davis is getting ready for his corruption trial. He looks to high priced lawyer Billy Murphy (think Billy Martin from the Vick case) for a fee of $200,000.

Back at the Baltimore Sun, the editorial staff have a sit down with Templeton to discuss his “conversation” with the serial killer. Templeton keeps up his lie as his editor (Haynes) gets suspicious.

In the street, Omar is still out terrorizing Marlo’s staff. He breaks in to one of Marlo’s stash houses and dumps 4 kilos of heroin down the toilet. He also kills one of his muscle men, leaving another alive to relay the message. He later catches Savino on the street and shoots him in the head. The next day he pops up on Michael’s corner and tells Michael to tell Marlo that he killed Savino and that he won’t stop killing his soldiers untill Marlo comes down to the street. Michael is relieved that Omar didn’t recognize his face from the shoot out at Monk’s apartment.

Holla at me next week for another Wire update.


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