Timbaland & The Family

I was watching BET yesterday and luckily was tuned in during the one hour of the day when they show actual music videos. I saw Lil Mama’s new joint featuring T-Pain and Chris Brown and it made me miss the late 90’s. Mainly it made me miss that Timbaland sound.

Remember when Aaliyah first got with Timbo in ’96, or when Missy Elliot first came through the door with Supa Dupa Fly in ’97? What about Ginuwine’s The Bachelor? The sound on those albums was so new and refreshing. It didn’t sound like anything else in the industry. Timbaland and his musical goons bombarded the late 90’s with mind bending videos and colorful sounds.

They were a movement like no other. I know you miss them, so here you go:
“Up Jumps The Boogie”

“What About Us”

“Make it Hot”

This shit right here would come through and smash the game right now
“Hot Boyz”

Damn I miss it.


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