Rapper Gravy to Portray Biggie in Upcoming Movie

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you. I was in another mental zone ya’ll, but I’m back bearing news you may or may not be able to use. Either way I need you to walk with me. The search for Bigge Smalls is officially over. Fox announced this week that Brooklyn rapper Gravy will portray the Biggie in the movie Notorious.

Gravy, whose real name is Jamal Woolard, shares a few similarities with the former King of New York. Besides his membership in the 300 pound club, Gravy has recieved a minor taste of the gunplay that took Biggie’s life. In 2006 Woolard was shot outside of New York radio station Hot 97 on his way to do a scheduled freestyle.

Production for the movie is scheduled to begin next Month. Other roles that have been casted for the movie including Derek Luke (Antwone Fisher) to play the role of Puff Daddy and Angela Basset (Stella’s Got Her Groove Back) will play Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace.


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