Chopping it Up With O-Dog, But Not From Menace

As you may already know, I just touched back down at the crib from UNITY ’08 in Chicago. Man do I miss that Sheraton, five days go pretty fast when you’re making connections.

Besides all the self-promotion I did, probably the most interesting conversation I had during the whole conference was with Darrell Britt-Gibson, who played the character “O-Dog” on The Wire. I was seeing him around the hotel and the convention center like ” I know this dude from somewhere” but it wasn’t registering. I actually thought he was somebody from the hood in Gary that I just couldn’t remember. The show is that real.

So Saturday night at the Funkmaster Flex party I approached him. “Are you from Gary,” I said. He told me that his mother is from Gary, but that still didn’t explain where I knew him from so I asked him and he broke it all down.

Once he told me was an actor on The Wire it all clicked. I even got a little excited. My homie P was with me and I’m like “Dude, this is the nigga that killed Boadie and be with Marlo.”

All my friends know that I’m a devout fan of The Wire and watch it religously.Gibson, like all the cast members, is used to people asking for hints as to where the show is headed, but since the series ended this past spring that line of questioning wasn’t on my radar.

Just last week the list of nominees for this year’s Emmy Awards was released and The Wire wasn’t one of them. This is a show that Entertainment Weekly named it’s 2004 TV show of the year and called it “the smartest, deepest most resonant drama on TV.” And it can’t even get nominated? Gibson told me that neither he or any of the cast members understand why they were snubbed this year and that they plan to boycott the event.

With him beign an actor and all I wondered exactly what he was at UNITY to promote but it turns out that he’s a broadcast major at the University of Marlyand in Baltimore and just like me he was there for opportunity network.

Shout out to the whole cast and crew from The Wire, especially O-Dog for having a connection to the G.

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