The Jeezy Movement….It’s Real

I was at the show in Chicago last night and he tore that shit down. Shouts to the whole CTE, Best of Both Offices and everybody at Def jam.

On another note, I’m so tired of these hip hop “elitists” failing to understand why Jeezy is such a movement. Have they forgotten that hip hop originated in the streets? The streets are just different now and they don’t understand that because they’re too busy sitting in their rooms and on their fucking computers.

Coming from Gary, Indiana I saw first hand in 2005 how Jeezy tapped into the demographic. Not since ‘Pac have I witnessed a rapper move people the way Jeezy does.

I’ve come to find out that Hip Hop fans follow certain rappers for various reasons. More often than not it’s the image. Take Jay-Z for example. In a national favorite rapper survey, Hov will almost certainly take the majority. But why?

I know a lot of Jay-Z fans that don’t really know shit about his music. They’re usually familiar with a few choruses and a few singles but other than that, they just like the image of the richest rapper in the game. And he knows it:

Even if they don’t understand the flow/they understand the dough-Jay-Z “Hey Papi”

So when I see these “educated” writers and college students attempt to paint Jeezy as an ignorant hoodlum I take personal offense. Here’s my message to all of you, well actually Jay-Z’s message:

I know real niggas happen to love it/If you don’t get it then look in the mirror/ Most likely you ain’t live it so you don’t get it/you ain’t did it so can’t envision it/the picture i’m painting ain’t vivid/ the language i’m spittin is so foreign to ya/ see what starvin will do to ya/ growing up hard in a little apartment will do to ya- Jay-Z Pump it Up (Freestyle)


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