Digital Media: The Future is Now

The Hip Hop is dead proclamation that’s been reverberating around the music industry for the last two or three years, hasn’t been limited to lyrical content.

Record sales, or lack thereof, have been just as influential in creating the sentiment that hip hop music is on a decline. The numbers definitely prove it.

Before stepping down as Def Jam President, Jay-Z eluded on several occasions that the music industry is changing and more resources should be dedicated to locking down the next frontier: digital media.

The power of the Internet has all but destroyed print media, especially newspapers which were once the top dog of all things media. Slowly but surely T.V took over, and is now giving way to the digital era.

Some companies are getting their head start in the digital music game. Back in February, Timbaland signed a deal with Verizon Wireless in which the veteran producer will release a song per month exclusively to V-Cast users.

In similar fashion, Pepsi subsidiary Mountain Dew is throwing it’s hat in the digital arena. The beverage specialist has started Green Label Sound, which will release singles from selected artists including Chicago hip hop duo, The Cool Kids.

The Cool Kids – Delivery Man

Get with it or get rolled over.


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