*Weekly Worldwide Wrap-Up*

No intro, going straight in this week.

Obama picks Biden as VP

I’ve been on the Obama campaign e-mail list for over a year now and a week or so ago they announced that us list members would be the first to get the word of his VP selection.

So when CNN broke the news a little after midnight, almost four hours before I received my 3:52 a.m. email, needless to say I was a little salty.

But the real story is Obama’s selection, right? Of course it is. But I’m still heated.

Sen. Joe Biden from Delaware ended up getting the nod. Biden is viewed as the ‘attack dog’ that Obama needs to really go after McCain. But by mid-day on Saturday, the McCain campaign had already used Biden as an attack dog against Barack Obama.

Early in the primary season, while Biden was still a potential Presidential candidate, he expressed several views about Obama that the Repbublicans are all over now. Within hours of Obama’s announcement, the McCain campaign released this ad:

Politics is a hell of a game isn’t it. Biden also made this statement in reference to Obama back in January:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy … I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

I’ve seen a lot of talking heads raise all types of hell over that statement, but I don’t smell the beef. True there were several black candidates before Obama, but none of them possessed the mainstream appeal that he does.

As far as the Biden selection, I need to seem him out on the campaign trail. I need to see how sincere he looks as he’s campaigning for the homie Obama in states like Pittsburgh, Virginia and here in Indiana.

It’s on now!!!

USA Basketball Back on Top

“Why team USA keep getting blown out?” Remember when Jadakiss dropped that line on the “Why” remix? Well it no longer applies. Undefeated through the entire Olympics, this year’s version of the dream team did it with a vengeance.

Pardon my lack of patriotism, but there’s just something about seeing 12 black dudes from a hood near you being put on display for the world by the same country that — never mind, I may be bugging.

In like fashion the women held it down and took home the gold once again. Big shouts out to Sylvia Fowles for bouncing back from that injury, I see you girl. For those that don’t know, I spent the early half of my summer as an intern for the Chicago Sky and was in the building when she got injured back in June.

Go USA!!! Nah Right?

News of the Weak: Man Robs Elderly Woman in Brooklyn

I understand we’re in a recession right now but DAMN!!! You gotta hustle harder than this fam. The story surfaced on Tuesday, NYPD had it solved by Friday. Aren’t they fantastic.

In Gary News

Looking for a sign of the times? Look no further than the youth.

Wednesday was the first day of school here in Gary and before the week was over, two young students had their stories ended. One situation involved a 13 year-old girl who was arguing with her brother when she went to grab a pistol. After she threatened to kill her brother, attempts were made to get the gun back from her. Those attempts failed and she was shot in head. She died.

A few days later, a 14 year-old boy allegedly killed shot himself in the head because he couldn’t get a pair of shoes that he wanted. The shit is sickening, I know the young man and the girl was a student at the school my mother teaches at.

It’s ugly out here.

Two fingers up at last week, two arms open for the next.


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