Politics As Usual

Caught any election coverage lately? Caught any soap operas lately? Hard to tell the difference lately huh?

Even a year ago, the 2008 Presidential Election promised to be one of the most historical elections of all time. And through the course of the Primary and now into the General Election it has surely lived up to that billing. But after today’s news, it has turned into something else. Something similar to a to a soap opera.

First of all, an unwed 17 year-old being pregnant is more common than marriage nowadays, so the actual story isn’t my issue here. My issue is that this story is a factor in a Presidential Election.

Now, I understand that the media is a hound dog — a relentless one at that. Which is exactly why campaign managers get paid big money; to sidestep situations like these. Full disclosure is always crucial. The earlier the story is broken, the earlier the story goes away. That said, the McCain campaign should have broken the story right along with her announcement as VP. If released last week, that story would be dead now.

I’m beginning to feel that the idea to select Gov. Palin as VP wasn’t all John McCain’s. You do the math.


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