Productivity — BlackBerry Style

Productivity is the key to success. But in this ultra-techno world we live in, nothing keeps you productive like a good piece of technology.

For an aspiring journalist/publicist/author like myself, the need for an advanced technological device is great.

The list of needs includes, but is surely not limited to: a digital camera, cell phone, laptop, video camera, digital voice recorder, mp3 player, so on and so forth.

Now, I’m not here to be an advertiser for BlackBerry, more of an endorser. See, I got my first BlackBerry, the Nextel 8520, back in 2005 (pictured above). When I first got it I hardly used it to it’s full potential. I was just a 20 year-old who felt I was way ahead of the game simply because I could ‘chirp’ from a phone that no one around my way had.

As I slowly crept into the world of journalism I began to experience it’s actual worth and started actually using it. Before I knew it I was writing stories, sending e-mails, editing word documents and handling whatever other business that needed to be done.

But that was the old BlackBerry. As time went on it became boring, new smartphones were being released with more features so I jumped ship. Only to come back home when they started to compete. Now my BlackBerry is my one-stop for everything.

Jay-Z just released a new track? My east coast hip hop head sends it straight to the BBerry.

Just walked past the freshest kicks I’ve seen in years? No problem. Just snap a pic and write about them later.

Unsuspectingly find myself backstage at a Nas concert with an opportunity for an interview? Voice Notes.

It just gets things done. I would even recommend this device to those who have no business to conduct whatsoever. It’s that cool.

Now if only I could get a signal in my basement.


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