*Worldwide Weekly Wrap-Up* Week 36

It came and it went. Week 36 of 2008 is officially in the books. Here’s what you might have missed:

Detroit’s Hip Hop mayor goes down

“Police think court is heaven and the judge is God” – Uncle Murda

“My God is my judge — no gown, no gavel” – Lil Wayne

I’m starting to believe that line more and more every time I hear it. At the end of the day this case was about a black mayor who made an inconsequential mistake — then lied about it.

I completely understand that it’s wrong to lie, it even says it in the ‘holy’ book that the court system makes you swear on before you take the stand. Little do most people know, that same book instructs us not to do that. It’s in there somewhere I promise.

But I digress. My issue with the court system is that they really do view themselves as God. They put you in jail if you lie to them. They’ve created a culture in which the defendants will tell the judge things that they won’t even tell God.


Republican National Convention — More sarcasm than a Seinfeld episode

I know a good speech when I see one. This was not one of them. First of all don’t let the continuous applause fool you, she was speaking to a room full of republicans who are just happy to have a VP candidate who’s under the age of 70.

Truthfully the moment looks too big for her. Her speeches are written for her by campaign strategists (which is perfectly normal), but she makes it obvious. She threw a lot of darts at the democrats during her speech, but her words seemed as if they were taken from her big brother.

As far as Gov. Palin goes, I’m looking forward to one date. On October 8, Washington University in St. Louis will host this election’s only Vice Presidential debate. That will be Palin’s first real test. We’ll see how much of a competitor she is when she has to share the stage with Sen. Biden.

News of the Weak

I’m late with this one, but I took off last week so it’s cool. You might have heard about Young Berg being relieved of his jewels in Detroit. I had to see it to believe, well the pictures at least.



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