Lupe Fiasco Featured in New XBox 360 Game

In the midst of numerous sing along games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, XBOX 360 will be releasing a new game which will feature more than just old rock groups and guitar rifts.

The new game entitled, LIPS, will feature a number of songs pulled from several genres. Among the hip hop tracks on the game is Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar.”

He spoke about the selection with

“It’s dope. I’ve had my songs in games before, but more as kinda the soundtrack,” Lupe told HipHopDX Monday night. “For now, for my song to be part of the game, so to speak, is like ill. It’s revolutionary. It’s revolutionary in the sense that this game, LIPS, focuses on Hip Hop. The microphone, you can’t just sing like karaoke, line-for-line, you actually have to rock the mic.”

The game will also feature the song “Bust a Move” by Young MC. More songs will be made available as the launch date draws near.


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