Auto Tune: Kanye Wants His Sound Back

Want to sing but weren’t blessed with the gift? Auto Tune will save you. You know, the electronic, Zapp sounding sound effect that has become the staple of T-Pain’s career. I’ve actually never heard him without it. Lil Wayne adopted the tool on songs like “Lollipop” on his route to pushing over a million units of Tha Carter 3 in it’s first week.

It’s actually been around for while in other genres of music. Cher used it it a lot. T-Pain and co. have done their part to popularize it and make it massively acceptable in hip hop.

Love Lockdown – Kanye West

So my question is this: why have I been hearing and reading so much upheaval about Kanye using the voice for his verse on Young Jeezy’s “Put On” and most recently the new joint “Love Lockdown” off his upcoming album? Have hip hop fans already forgotten that Kanye did it over four years ago?

Check it :

Remember that? There’s nothing new under the sun right? Well the same is true in hip hop. Pretty much everything we hear in 2008 has been done to some extent in the 30 plus years since hip hop’s inception. We just have to be sure that we remember where things started.


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