Top 5 Rappers of the Moment

I love lists. There’s just something to be said about the art of ranking things. No matter the subject or the objects being listed, I just love to see stuff evaluated and put in some type of order. So last night I went online to see if I could find a few ‘top rapper lists’.

I found a few, but none stood out to me in the way that the one I found on Kim Osorio’s blog.

To my surprise ,there was no mention of Jay-Z anywhere within her top five. Not even a bonus shout out Kim?

(She did however, point out that her list wasn’t a ‘dead or alive’ or ‘all time’ list, just a list about the here and right now.)
Now, I hate being so Roc-A-Fella biased, but any top five list that excludes the Jigga man is touched. Not solely because of Jay, but because the competition from the pool doesn’t warrant him being left off the list. I’m not going to give you her whole list, but just know that Andre’ 3000 was numero uno.

I put together my own list and I’m begging for debate:

5. Nas – A large percentage of the putting an artist on this list is whether or not I actually look forward to their albums when they’re released. Nas keeps me coming back. The Untitled joint was well-hyped and well delivered. I love cocky rap and Nas’ cockiness comes more from knowledge than it does from the money. Nas has always let the knowledge show and on his last album and his latest features he’s been wearing it on his sleeve.

4. Lupe Fiasco – Like I said earlier, albums are important over here. Both Food & Liquor and The Cool were albums that speak for themselves. Not to mention his well-placed features, his work with CRS and others. Even his unreleased joints garner attention. And he’s not even a full three years in yet….scary. Even if LupEnd will be his final joint, his short career has been filled with enough hotness to last a while.

3. Young Jeezy – Yeah, Young Jeezy. It shouldn’t even be debatable. What single mixtape of the last five years took over the streets like Trap or Die. But keep that though, he’s one of the few artists in today’s climate that enjoy platinum success while maintaing their essence. No one who loved Trap or Die will tell you that they weren’t feeling The Recession. His wordplay and sarcasm are getting better but most importantly, his subject matter is turning into a bigger picture rather just a painting of his block.

2. T.I. – Who has gone through more adversity in the public eye the last few years than Tip? Still, he’s managed to give us an album virtualy every year since 2003. True, he hasn’t given us a classic to rival Trap Muzik, but he’s been busy. Still his albums are heavily anticipated from the south to south Delaware. The King of the South is slowly becoming the king of all that he surveys. He said it best “King of the whole thing, fuck whoever stepping up.” Paper Trail in stores Sept. 30.

1. Jay-Z – Last time I checked, Jigga returned from retirement in 2006. So why is everyone putting him in a seperate category when it comes to these best rapper lists? Say what you may about Kingdom Come, the lyrics were there. And American Gangster is in the Reasonable Doubt/Blueprint category. Couple that with the lines he’s been spitting on these features and his performance at Glastonbury who else could possibly hold this spot? With The Blueprint 3 possibly coming this year, it’s pretty clear who should hold this spot. Almost 13 years after his debut, he still manages to have the most listened to songs on most hip hop websites. Stop hating.
Well that’s that. Shouts out to the Ghostface’s, Andre 3000′ s and 50 Cent’s of the world who make my top ten without question but didn’t quite crack the half.


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