Critics Praise Canceling of Rap City…Why?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the impending cancelation of Bet’s Rap City. I’ve held back on publishing my thoughts on the situation to make sure that I had the clarity necessary to attack and also to give anyone (or group) a chance to fuel my fire.

I came across a joint statement released by The Parents Television Council, The Enough is Enough Campaign for Corporate Responsibility, The National Congress of Black Women and Industry Ears.

Apparently these groups have been calling for the suspension of Rap City for a while now and feel they were somewhat responsible for the recent changes. Check their foolishness :

We are heartened by the recent changes at BET, and we are gratified that our
collective efforts were a catalyst for this positive change.

Now, I’m not going to be naive and say that every video that airs on Rap City is exactly PG-13, but neither is real life. Speaking of reality, BET has it’s share of reality typical TV shows on now and I expect more to come shortly.

They’ve also added a couple of those moronic court shows. I tuned in the other day to find two white homosexuals in the courtroom arguing. Is this the positive change they’re looking for? Or maybe their ultra-diverse selection of dating shows (Hell Date and The Boot). It’s almost like BET is becoming a colored clone of MTV.

But BET is supposed to represent Hip Hop, and should never be willing to kill a show with the historical significance of Rap City. I guess if it happened to YO! MTV Raps it can happen to any show.

The groups went on to say in their statement that their “goal is a reduction in harmful and offensive messages on BET and MTV programming…this program’s cancellation is evidence of a step in the right direction.”

Is it?


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