Best Phone…Ever???

I’ve been salivating over this phone for the past two months now. I still have yet to see a price, but whatever it may be, your boy has to have it.

I mean, the iPhone is cool, but it’s definitely not a BlackBerry. At the end of the day, I’ll take my little ‘ole BlackBerry Curve over an iPhone anyway, just because of the productivity factor.

So when I first got word that BlackBerry was releasing a touch screen phone, I was sold before even seeing it. Of course the iPhone is cute, but BlackBerry is about that business. From the immediacy of its e-mail retrieval to the ability to sync up to 10 accounts, BlackBerry leads the league in at least six statistical categories.

There is still a lot of speculation around the actual release date. I have heard a lot of different dates that were all in the fourth quarter. Get focused.

Check the video:


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