*Video* Diddy Buys Enyce Clothing Line

“I’m from the same place just like you.”

Not exactly but I feel him. Pay attention though because listening to Diddy talk for more than two mins will surely inspire you to make a few moves of your own.

Turns out Enyce has been owned by Liz Claireborne since 2003. The Claireborne company bought originally for $114 million while Diddy scooped it up for a cool $20 million.

Check Diddy’s thoughts on the current economic crisis and why he believes Claireborne and company weren’t successful:

The current economic climate may be challenging, but we believe it is also an opportunity, and we are really excited to add Enyce to our lineup.Liz Claireborne Inc said in a statement that they can not give the proper attention to the brand. I think they tried to jump on the urban apparel bandwagon back in 2003 and failed because its not what they do.

We’ll see how it goes.



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