Like Moths To A Flame…

If you’re willing to allow your brain to track back to the Presidential campaign that just ended you may remember an ad used by John McCain labeling Barack Obama as a thoughtless celebrity.

You remember, the references to Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears along with the crowds chanting “Obama” as if he was Jimi Hendrix reincarnated.

If you can’t recall, check it:

What’s interesting about that ad is that it’s true. Maybe not all the inferences that he isn’t ready to lead, but he surely was the most internationally adored Presidential candidate I’ve ever seen.

He’s young, cool, smart and he listens to rap. What more could pop culture want in a free world leader?

Take the gathering at his acceptance speech last week for example. An estimated 300,000 were in and around Chicago’s Grant Park, with only 100,000 or so actually being able to see him. And trust the other 200,000 didn’t mind at all. He’s that much of a star.

So I got to thinking about the kind of crowd he’s going to draw for his inauguration in January. I really don’t even want to imagine, despite the fact that I plan on being there.

And the money being made off of the tickets, which are supposed to be free, is going to be asinine.

Check it:

All I can say is start planning yesterday.


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