*Low Key Gem* Jay-Z – Regrets

In an English class I had a few years ago we talked a lot about what out text book called a ‘literacy event’. A literacy event refers to any situation in which written communication is necessary.

With that said, I’m debating, as I type, whether or not this zone I’ve been in the past few days is worth writing about.

While I won’t get in to too many details about the zone itself, I definitely want to talk about the song that brought me to it.

If you haven’t noticed, The Calculation loves Jay-Z, his music pretty much always adds up. This joint ‘Regrets’ is one of my favorite songs of all time. I love it even more because it’s widely slept on.

Everyone knows Jay for cuts like “Big Pimping” or “Dirt Off Your Shoulders.” but this one is a rarity. You can find it towards the end of his classic debut Reasonable Doubt.

This is one of those songs that you can literally listen to all day and hear a different jewel being dropped each time you hear it.

Life is full of decisions and mistakes. The challenge is living with the regrets after making a bad one.

Check it and get your mind right:

Regrets – Jay-Z


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