Limbaugh Isn’t As Crazy As He Seems

rush_limbaughConservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh made huge news last week when,  less that 48 hours after President Obama’s Inauguration, he was quoted as saying that he wanted the new leader to fail.

It’s hard to take Limbaugh’s statement out of context when he actually uttered the words “I hope he fails.”

However, a number of  news organizations did so by not airing how he qualified the those four infamous words.

But before that, Limbaugh said some things in regard to America’s view of Barack Obama that I have to agree with:

 People don’t care what he is. They don’t care who he is.

They care that he’s black. They care that he’s historic. They care that — they think he’s an intellectual because of the way he speaks. And it’s all about how he speaks. And I look at some of the facial expressions of people when they’re watching the guy, and it’s frightening.

But I’m a thinker. A lot of people, I guess, aren’t. People are emotional and they react emotionally to things, and if he makes them feel good, especially in economic bad times, then that’s all they’re really going to care about.

I definitely  agree without reservation. I’m not saying that I don’t think he’s going to be an excellent President. What I’m saying is that I know tons of people who voted for Barack Obama without knowing diddly about his politics.

Just look at the large gathering in the nation’s capitol last week. Over a million people showed up basically to party. The vast majority of them probably won’t pay attention to a political piece of news until the next election season.

And these are the facts.


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