Roundtable Discussion On Hip Hop & The Internet (Part 1)

Jabari from Hip Hop GameTV sat down with a few of my favorite people in Hip Hop to talk about both the positive and negative effects the Internet has had on the rap game.

The panel includes producer 9th Wonder, the Young Gunz (Chris & Neef) and longtime Roc-A-Fella engineer Young Guru.

Very candid and intelligent look at the way the net has transformed music over the last five or so years. I particularly enjoyed 9th’s statements on how music used to bring people together.

I still remember the first time I heard Nas’ “Ether.” I was a senior in high school and around that time the daily arguments around school about Jay and Nas were fierce. We were ditching and my homie’s house when we first put the Stillmatic CD in the deck and I’ll never forget my reaction to those first two words: “Fuck Jay-Z.”

It was powerful stuff.

This generation of Hip Hop music lover doesn’t have that pleasure. I remember hearing an interview where Jay-Z talked about the first time he heard Biggie “Who Shot Ya.” That’s what Hip Hop music is supposed to be about.

Hopefully we can get back to that. Stay tuned for the rest of this interview as becomes available.


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