Hip Hop Roundtable Pt. 2…Hipsters Beware

Part two of Jabari’s discussion with 9th Wonder, Young Guru and the Young Gunz (Chris and Neef). 

The Roc affiliates discuss Hip Hop’s past and whether or not the future is paying enough homage. 

To my delight they also discussed the “hipster movement”  and their apparent lack of knowledge about the music from the era that they emulate so much. 

I’m so tired of seeing these dudes in 80’s costumes without a real understanding of what that era was all about.

And for the record, if you were born in the mid-1980’s you are not an 80’s baby — you were just born in the 80’s.

Jay broke it down on Jeezy’s Go Crazy (remix):

See I’m an 80’s baby mastered Reaganomics, school of hard knocks everyday is college

If Jay  is an 80’s baby clearly we are not. We are from the 90’s and should be proud of it. With that said, you “hipsters” should just express that you are really just fashionistas who have an affinity for 80’s clothing and leave it at that. 

And I’ll bet you didn’t know that 9th wonder is a musician in residence at North Carolina Central University did you? 

Don’t front.


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