Expect Lil Wayne To Keep It Real In Interview With Katie Couric

lilwayne_115606_08062008The 2009 Grammy Awards are right around the corner, next Sunday February 8 to be exact.

With the big show rapidly approaching, CBS is doing their part to drive up ratings and what better way than with a an all access show which will air this coming Wednesday (Feb.4).

One of the highlights of the “All Access” Grammy Special will be CBS news anchor Katie Couric’s sitdown interview with Lil Wayne who is nominated for a field high eight awards.

Wayne has been a little dramatic in his interviews lately but it’s all good. I’ve seen a lot of people, especially on Facebook, giving him hell  because of the way he talks and the fact that he’s not politically correct all the time.

Who cares? He’s not a politician.

He’s a rapper who, as he pointed out in the interview, brings the news — a journalist of sorts. Isn’t that what Hip Hop is. For the most part, Hip Hop artists aren’t fishing for votes or trying to sway an audience. They rap about the things they see, hear and live through.

Sadly, a lot of those things get overlooked by the media. So in my book, Hip Hop artists are the only unbiased reporters out there.


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