Election Over = Political Interest Over…Why?

Almost two weeks into the Obama presidency, I can’t help but wonder where all the Facebook statuses have gone.

On election and inauguration day I couldn’t go through my news feed without seeing an Obama related post. But now that all the hoopla and media coverage that goes along with political campaigns is over, I see nothing.

No posts about the standard of ethics or the pay freeze Obama brought to the White House. No statuses about his executive order to close down GITMO in the near future. And not a single wall posts about the significance of him granting the first interview of his presidency to an Arabic TV station. Nothing. 

Where’s all the interest? Did it fade away? Or was it never real to begin with?

I’m going to go with the latter, as disappointing as it is. 

I’m posting this mainly for you people  that stood in those super long voting lines just to say that you voted. 

It’s not cool to turn your Facebook status into a wannabe campaign slogan just to make people think that you actually pay attention to that type of stuff.  

It’s also not cool to walk around screaming “change” if you have no clue what actually needs to change. 

I know I addressed this in an earlier post but the problem isn’t going away.  Why vote for a guy if you’re not going to pay attention to anything that he does once he gets in office?

You’re the type of people Rush Limbaugh was referring to:

People don’t care what he is. They don’t care who he is.

They care that he’s black. They care that he’s historic.

If that statement describes you, please don’t be ashamed because you are definitely not the minority. Which is a shame. But luckily there’s still hope. 

Just take it upon yourself to pay attention to at least one of the things that President Obama does each week. Then find out how those decisions apply to your life. Finally, decide whether or not you agree with his decisions. 

Pretty simple right?

There’s a huge difference between change and face value change. President Obama being office is the face value change. And like he’s been saying every since November 4, the process we’re going through now is the real challenge.

Stay tuned to The Calculation and I promise I’ll do my part to promote awareness. 


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  1. You’re absolutely right. I might be wrong, but I think this is directed, mostly, at the black community. But the problems don’t stop there. A lot of us white folks voted for Barack, too. The apathy that has set in again, just like it always does, is more than skin deep.

    Keep spreading the word, CRD.

    1. Yeah that’s certainly who it was aimed at for the most part, lol. Dude I haven’t seen an Obama related facebook status since inauguration day.

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