What’s The Deal With Bet’s New Show “The Deal?”

bet-logoSo, I’m browsing through the tube last night and Facebook chatting with a this chic who tells me she’s watching the new Ray J show. I didn’t really know the show existed so I flipped to the usual suspect networks that I thought might call the show home. 

For some reason my remote guided me to BET and to my delight/dismay (not really sure which emotion I felt) I saw a Gorilla Zoe video.

Now, I’ve been complaining heavy about BET and their counterpart MTV for their lack of musical content on their networks. So to see an actual music video was a welcomed surprise. 

From what I’ve read the show has been airing for a while now. I’ve probably been missing it because I was under the impression that BET was just running with sitcoms like One On One and Smart Guy all the way up until 106th and Park.

The show is hosted by MeMpHitz and female dj Diamond Kutz. I first saw them together on BET during the 100 Notorized countdown on New Year’s and wasn’t really mad at them. Not really sure what I think about the show being that I’ve only seen it once. The Cool Kids were the guest  of that episode which was somewhat refreshing. 

I was definitely feeling the booth with the album covers playing the background. It featured a lot of old school and new school classics, from Slick Rick to Lil Wayne. 

I have no choice but to give it a chance, but based on the fact that I don’t believe the big wigs at BET are committed to hip hop, it may not last if the ratings do soar high. It’s surely no Rap City but we’ll see how it turns out.


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