Etta James vs. Beyonce and Barack Obama?

I’ve never been a fan of gossip. In fact, the very concept of the whole back and forth, ‘he said/she said’ dialogue makes me sick.

But, there’s a difference between the petty squabbling of two chics on campus arguing over some male loser and and a beef of…well, presidential proportions.

During last month’s inauguration celebrations, Beyonce was basically put on display as the first lady of entertainment. She performed at the Lincoln Memorial and also sang a rendition of Etta James’ “At Last” for the President and First Lady at the Neighborhood Ball.

If you’ll recall, Beyonce also portrayed James in the recently released movie Cadillac Records.

Where was James at through all of this you ask? Well, she surfaced at a concert in Seattle and had a few choice words for Beyonce and even for President Obama.

Wow. I’m trying to read through this and figure out if Ms. Etta is talking our of pure bitterness or legitimate disdain.

Whatever the case may be, it’s definitely entertaining.

Shouts to Huffington Post for posting the audio.


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