Hip Hop Roundtable Discussion Pt. 3

This is the third installation of Jabari’s roundtable discussion minus 9th Wonder. 

Chris & Neef give an artist’s perspective while veteran Roc-A-Fella engineer Young Guru breaks down the state of the industry and predicts where it’s headed.

I just purchased my first song on iTunes a few weeks ago and the ease of it was remarkable. 

I’m going to continue to buy albums from the nearest Best Buy or mom & pop record store as they continue to sell them. There’s something about having an album cover in my hand that downloading just doesn’t do for me.

And besides that,  CD collections look really cool — like an art collection. Call me old school. 

But I’m noticing that I’m among the last of a dying breed. With torrents, iTunes, and zshare floating around, not to mention this recession, people don’t see the point in going to the record store to purchase what they can get for free. 

This will be a very hard trend to reverse, but I hope the labels do still find it important to put hard copies out. Even if it does hurt their bottom line. 

But just to be safe, I’m holding on to my albums. No more lending for me.

Previously – Hip Hop Roundtable Pt.2…hipsters beware


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