Throwback Thursday: Ill Al Scratch and The Wu

top_rapcity_logoI miss Rap City dearly. Well, let me clarify — I miss the old Rap City dearly.

Sorry kids, I’m not talking about the newer days of Madd Linx and Q45. I’m talking late ’90’s Big Tigger.

And to the older heads — no disrespect to  Joe Claire and Big Lez but the songs that are considered throwbacks to me were brand spanking new on their show. 

But I digress. 

Of all the days of the week, there wasn’t a day I looked forward to more than Thursday. Even as a 16 year-old high school junior in 2000 I was already seriously missing the music of the early ’90’s. Which is why Throwback Thursday on Rap City was, in my opinion, the greatest show on earth.

Like many hip hop video shows before it, Rap City has bit the dust and unless you have MTV2 your life is void of throwbacks.

Unless of course you know how to navigate the miracle that is YouTube. While I would rather have videos played for me radio style with an element of surprise, I’ll take my throwbacks any what I can get them.

So with that said, I’ll post two throwback videos that are near and dear to me each Thursday. Direct any suggestions to the comment box and share them with everyone. Don’t be selfish.

I really wanted to post this Ill Al Scratch video but Universal had other plans. This joint here though, while it didn’t have the same street appeal, is just as cool and actually did better on the charts back in 1994.

And before you get too excited, Universal won’t let me post this joint either.  So I hit you with the live version. 

Ill All Scratch f. Brian McKnight – I’ll Take Her

Luckily there were no issues with posting this video. If there were I honestly would have had to pick another song because the video is part of what makes this joint.

I dare you to name one song released in the last five years as powerful as this. Make that a double dare.

Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M

More throwbacks next Thursday.


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