Better Late Than Never

I wanted to write a post about how I’ve been catching up on cool shit all this week that I should have known about for weeks and even years in one case. Halfway through writing the joint i accidently erased everything without saving it. 

So instead of writing cute comments about each of the following song, TV show and movie, I’m going to give you a very abbreviated version. To make a long story short, I’ve been seriously behind schedule.

 1. Juno

This movie is going to be two years old soon and I just saw it yesterday. It’s remarkable that I just saw it because it stars Michael Cera, one of my favorite actors, and was nominated for a ton of Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Actress (Ellen Page who plays Juno). 

It even won the award for Best Screenplay. So if you haven’t caught it yet, you’re one day more of a loser than I am. 

Check the trailer and pick it up. 


2. Chelsea Lately

It was hardly a shocker to me that I knew nothing about a show which airs on the E! network since for the most part I’m morally opposed to celebrity gossip. But a young lady friend of mine said she watching Chelsea Lately the other night so I checked it out, just so I could talk about her for watching it.  

Turns out Chelsea Handler is one of the best interviewers in entertainment. She has a no holds barred quality about her and the fact she’s somewhat a comedian makes her interviews that much more effective. 

She’s also great with rappers, as you’ll see in this clip where she sits down with T.I.:

3. Kid Cudi – Day N Nite

This is the one I’m probably most embarrassed about. A classic movie and a TV show on E! is somewhat excusable in my book. But being late on hot music is not.

Luckily I heard this joint on the radio as I was riding through the streets of Chicago.

To further illustrate how late I am with this joint, the actual video is premiering on BET’s 106th and Park tonight. Kid Cudi and Kanye West are supposed to be in the building so catch that if you can.

Kid Cudi’s mixtape is actually pretty hot as well. I’ve been listening to it all day.

But back to my tardiness. I’m not sure if I should accept all of the blame or spread it around among the people in my inner circle for hipping me.

Either way, severe changes need to be made


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