*Video* Kid Cudi – Day N Night

The Kid and Kanye stopped by 106th and Park to drop off this video yesterday and put down a freestyle while they were at it.

You’ll notice the animation in the video is similar to that of Kanye’s “Good Life” video. That’s because both were directed by So Me.

I enjoyed this one a lot more than it’s predecessor mostly because T-Pain isn’t in it. But the video represents the song well.

It’s a song about a stoner and the video takes you into that world pretty accurately. And besides that the animation itself is just cool.

Kid Cudi album is coming soon.


1 Comment

  1. Yo, I love this video dude.

    If I weren’t nervous about my boss looking over my shoulder, then I’d check out the Kanye/Cudi thing. Alas, I’ll check it out when I get home.

    Hahaha — “And the award for the best depiction of a cat who’s been ‘climbing trees,’ goes to ….. KID CUDI!”

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