Why I Hate Reporters


Sure the economy is in a bind right now and people getting paid millions of dollars to coach basketball seems a bit over the top. So in that respect, the question itself wasn’t entirely stupid.

But the way this guy went about asking it was all wrong.

First of all if you’re doing a story on the subject of a coach’s salaries in our tough economy, the post game press conference is not the place for you to get your questions in. 

Surely a subject as serious this would warrant a thoroughly planned  sit down interview or at least a private phone call. Post game press conferences are designed for quick questions about the game that preceded it and other basketball related issues. Not semi-political queries from a guy who considers himself an activist. 

Secondly, I’m not sure that I would ask a coach about his salary in the first place. If I really wanted answers I’d go to the guy or gal who signs the check. The school’s athletic director or even their president would be better able to speak on the behalf of the university.

But no, this reporter wanted to grandstand and become the story himself.

It should be noted that he was previously arrested for causing a disturbance while trying to photograph governors during a parade. 

It’s jerks like these who make me shy away from the thought of ever calling myself a journalist, especially a reporter. Between this guy and those assholes who sit up front in the White House Press Room, I’m sure  I’ll be sticking to PR when it’s all said and done.


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