New Era Of Late Night

Last night marked the dawn of a new day in late night television. After months of hype, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon made its debut on NBC last night, ushering in the new breed of late night host.

Fallon, via his twitter page, admitted he was nervous which showed on screen. But it was after all his first show under the bright lights so everyone should be optimistic about episodes to come.

From my point of view the highlight of the show is the band. The Legendary Roots Crew are the first hip hop band to hold down such a spot which is a tremendously good look for the genre.

Not to mention their “slow jam the news” segment was super original and very cool.

Last night’s show wasn’t short or big name celebs as both Rober DeNiro and Justin Timberlake stopped by giving Jimmy a needed leg up.

I hope for the show’s sake that upcoming tapings have more diverse crowds. All I saw was sea of white faces last night. Maybe NBC should allow The Roots to give out a few freebie tickets on OkayPlayer to balance the audience out.


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