Who Ya With?

world-religionI can count the number of times I’ve stepped foot inside a church during the last 5 years on one hand.

One wedding and four funerals. I could’ve easily attended more funerals, but I opted for just the wakes on a number of occasions.

Truth be told, I don’t really look at church with the same unquestioned reverence that I once did. If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that most universally followed traditions simply aren’t what they seem to be.

But everyone follows something, even if it isn’t a pastor in a church. Looking at my life, I’d have to say that I follow Hip Hop. Not any one artist in particular, but the culture as a whole.

In that culture you’ll find church-goers, mosque attenders and a lot of folks like me who are just generally indifferent. I do, however, find a lot of theories in Hip Hop music that make me think. Some, after my own research, I even agree with.

So yesterday on Twitter, I saw a tweet from the great Erykah Badu that said simply “religion is the bfall of man.” Now a statement like that, which happens to be why I’m an Erykah fan, is one of the reasons many think she’s crazy.

But she couldn’t make more sense. It’s simple, there’s one God and literally thousands of religions. What’s the deal?

Try some Talib Kweli from “Give “Em Hell”

Gives you something to think about right? Well, unless you’re the type that thinks that nothing substantive and thought provoking can come from a rapper.

In that case I’m sure you’ll totally shun this line from Asher Roth from his mixtape with DJ Drama.

Dey Know Asher – Asher Roth

So you want to call him crazy huh? Why, because he’s questioning tradition?

You know how many people I know that practice different religions than there parents? None. But Why?

Why don’t people ask questions?

Remember Lauryn Hill? Or better yet, remember this?

Lauryn went to the Vatican in Rome and called out the Pope and his entire religion. But people call her crazy for it. Well, what about the people who attend these same churches three days each week?

Do they get a pass just because they worship where their parents did?

Do you practice a particular religion and if so is it the same as your parents? Why?


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