’09 and ’10 Duke Recruiting Classes Look Promising

In last night’s Regional Semifinal loss to Villanova, a lot of the country saw Duke in a new light. The Blue Devils were, for lack of a better word, man-handled by the #3 seeded Wildcats from the Big East.

Villanova’s defense exposed the Duke’s lack of physical athleticism as Gerald Henderson, Kyle Singler and Jon Schyer were a combined 9 for 45 from the field.

They had no players who could create anything off the dribble and were forced to shoot jump shot for most of the night.

A lot of the talk on ESPN after the game was about Duke’s personel and Doug Gottlieb even called Coach K’s recruiting into question, and maybe rightfully so.

Duke’s successful postseason teams of the decade were built entirely different than the teams they’ve put on the floor in recent years. Somewhere down the line, someone told Coach K that Greg Paulus is type of point guard who can win tough games in the NCAA tournament.

He is not.

Think about guys like Jay Williams, Chris Duhon and Daniel Ewing. Those are the type of guards needed to excel in late into March. They also don’t have the type of big man play that every NCAA champion of this decade has had.

But there is hope on the way for the Durham faithful. Coach K has seemingly gotten a little wiser in his recruiting.

But don’t take my word for it, watch the videos.

Class of 2009:

Mason Plumlee

Ryan Kelly

Class of 2010:

Andre Dawkins

Joshua Hairston

Tyler Thornton


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