Waiting On Wale

I understand that the life of a hip hop artist in 2009 is busier than Chicago traffic during construction in the summer, but once you get me riled up for a certain peice of music, I need it on its said release date.

Its already depressing enough that I’m still waiting on Erykah Badu’s joint, Detox, and Blueprint 3. But now it’s May 12 and as far as I know, Wale’s mixtape with 9th Wonder Back to the Feature has yet to drop. (Trust that I’m browsing the net as we speak.)

I guess anticipation is a good thing though (see foreplay, pause). Luckily Wale has a few other mixtapes and features to rock to.

For those of you still sleeping on the homie, take this time to get acquaited with D.C.’ s hip hop savior. Here’s some essential Wale for your earlobes.

1. The Roots song Wale is on.

2. A Mixtape About Nothing


3. 100 Miles and Running



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