Sticking To The Script: A Look Back At Eminem’s First Singles

Eminem’s new album Relapse hits stores today and I can’t help but feel kind of old since I remember seeing “My Name Is” for the first time on MTV 10 years ago.

Don’t call it a comeback, but this will be Em’s first album since 2004’s Encore and a lot has changed in the rap game. But looking this albums first single and the video for it, not much has changed with him.

If you look at his history, Eminem’s first singles off his albums are always a quirky, sort of pop joints with a videos full of costumes and funny scenery and usually poke fun at other celebrities.

Of course, as you get into the album you find the more serious and lyrical tracks, but the first single is always basically the same kind of joint.

Peep the track record:
YouTube is hating on me posting the videos so click the links and stop being lazy.

1999 –” My Name Is”

2000- “The Real Slim Shady”

2002 – “Without Me”

2004 – “Just Lose It”

2009 – “We Made You”

As many records as the blonde rapper has sold, who am I to question the play calls? Obviously it works. The industry is saturated with dance joints right now and he can come out five years after his last joint and still be able to stick to the same script from 10 years ago.

That’s power right there. Who else in hip hop can do that besides Jay maybe.

Not sure how much Relapse will sell, but looking at the youtube views, he’s gonna do alright.


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