Have We Seen The Last Nike Puppet Commercial?

Ok, so now that LeBron has left the playoff building, I’m wondering what Nike is going to do with all of those puppet commercials they had in store for the NBA Finals.

Here’s a few suggestions:

1. Have Kobe packing up his things and leaving LeBron behind in that plush apartment they lived in. Show Lebron rocking a major sad face as he watches Kobe play for the title on TV.

2. When and if Kobe wins the championship, do a remake of the commercial with the three championship rings, only this time they’ll be four.

3. As my man Scoop Jackson said on First Take this morning, just show LeBron fishing for 45 seconds.

4. Maybe Dwight Howard should scrap his contract with Addidas to get his likeness in on the action.

Whatever happens I would hate for such a brilliant idea to be put to bed just because one of the stars lost. I’m sure they have some sort of back up plan and weren’t totally banking on Lebron and Kobe winning their respective conference championships.

Can’t wait to see what’s next.


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