Bring The 90’s Back: Classic Usher Track – Can U Get With It

I guess you can call me an 80’s baby since I was born in the mid – 80’s. But the era I remember most and want to bring back is the 90’s; early, mid or late.

What I remember most about the music from the early and mid- 90’s is how hard and raw it was, pause. Even the R&B joints had a gangsta-rap feel to them.

If you’ll recall, producer Devante Swing from Jodeci was responsible for a good portion of that generations music trends. DeVante, Teddy Riely and Puff Daddy basically ran the New Jack Swing era.

Diddy and Devante got together and created this track for a teenage up and coming artist out of Atlanta named Usher who would eventually become hip hop and R&B’s most consistent voice this side of R. Kelly.

This joint totally embodies the 90’s straight to the point and even a bit raunchy at times. And for a 16 year old kid, Usher goes hard on the track.

Imagine this joint just came out yesterday. Wouldn’t be better than 93% of the music in it’s lane.

The actual video featuring P.Diddy.


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