*Magazines* Katy Perry & Jonah Hill Complex Cover June/July Issue


Superbad for the win all day every day. Jonah Hill is one of the funniest people on Earth.

Katy Perry’s hot too.

Here’s an excerpt from his cover story in Complex Magazine.

According to original N.W.A member Ice Cube, a Jew [Jerry Heller] broke up the crew.

Jonah Hill: Oh no!

As one of the many Jews in your crew, do you fear that one of you will fuck everything up?

Jonah Hill: If you’re going by that cycle, I feel like it would have to be someone who was not Jewish. Paul Rudd’s Jewish, Jason Segel’s Jewish, Seth’s Jewish, Judd’s Jewish, Danny McBride is half-Jewish, oddly enough. But Cera and [Bill] Hader? Maybe.

You’ve been friends with your Funny People co-star Jason Schwartzman for a long time. Do you ever listen to his band Coconut Records when you’re getting busy?

Jonah Hill: No. It would be too weird. The singing sounds like him, you can tell it’s him, and he’s such a good friend of mine that I might find it weird to try and make out with my girlfriend while listening to my friend sing. That’s the most advanced threesome of all time, having a friend’s band playing while you’re hooking up.

Have you ever noticed that rappers like to brag about their friends’ sexual prowess?

Jonah Hill: Is that a thing?

Oh, it is, and Complex notices.

Jonah Hill: Wow. I’ve never bragged about my friends’ sexual prowess.

Well, who do you think has better pipe game, Seth Rogen or Michael Cera?

Jonah Hill: [Laughs.] Better pipe game! I don’t know.My friends and I discuss our sex lives when we’re single, but we’re all friends with each other’s girlfriends, so I think it’d be a little inappropriate to discuss now.


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