NBA Finals Moment: Iverson Sons Tyronn Lue in ’01

It’s about damn time this jump off got jumped off. The NBA gave me 40 games in 40 nights and then made me wait from four days for game 1 of the Finals.

Well it’s here now so all complaining is done.

Jus the thought of NBA Finals Game 1 in L.A. got me thinking. Back in June 2001 I was in junior in high school. That year Allen Iverson’s practice was making perfect as he took the 76’ers to the NBA Finals.

I left that year’s graduation early so I could get home and see what the Answer had for Kobe and Shaq. In the end, Philly only won one game as the Lakers went on to put together ther first back t0 back and three-peat since Michael and Scottie.

But the whole series was worth watching because of this super gangster play right here. Tyron Lue will forever be remembered for this:


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