History Time For Kobe

kobe-bryant-mvpThose Nike puppet commercials with LeBron James and Kobe Bryant weren’t all about jokes.

Just imagine if Jordan’s puppet was was in the crib chilling while Kobe bragged to LeBron about his three rings.

A commercial like that would put it all in perspective.

It’s about history.

Even though there would be more MVP drama added to this series if LeBron wouldn’t have gotten thumped by the Magic, history is still there for the taking for Kobe Bryant.

Defeating Lebron in this year’s Finals would have been a major notch on Kobe’s belt. A year removed from winning his first MVP trophy, the Black Mamba could have killed a few birds with one stone.

Of course in all the interviews he’s going to say  that playing against LeBron wouldn’t add anything to his preperation and a ring is a ring no matter who you play.

And that’s what he should say. But as far as the arguments I’m hearing in the street? Kobe is losing most of the arguments in the barbershops and shoe stores and especially with the kids.

While a lot of the cats I hear talking  basketball wouldn’t know a down screen from a v-cut, they wouldn’t be able to deny the results of a head to head match-up.

A Kobe win over LeBron would have been what i’ll call a ‘sonning’ moment. With that win, he would be on record as having officially sonned Lebron.

If he defeats the Magic for his fourth ring, he’s going to need a fifth just for the numbers. In order to make history, you have to seperate yourself from even the greatest of you contemporaries.

And right now, both Shaq and Tim Duncan have four rings.

So regardless of who he’s playing, he still needs that trophy this season which will put him only two behind Jordan and tied with the greatest of his era.

One thing I’ve learned from  the G.O.A.T. conversations I’ve had with older people who know the game is this: If you’re not the greatest from your era, you can’t be in the discussion as the greatest of all time.


So Kobe needs to lock in and snatch this ring up and add to the collection. Because the homie to the right doesn’t care about those three cookies.

He’s a grown man drinking a six-pack.

But back to the prediction at hand, I’m riding with the Lakers in six. For the record, I wouldn’t be surprised if Orlando won it in seven. But I can’t see Kobe losing two NBA Finals in a row.

Jordan never even lost one Finals series and a loss in these Finals would make Kobe’s third which would give him as many series wins as losses.

Not a good look.


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