Jay Speaks, Hip Hop Loves/Hates

If you’re on Twitter and follow  any residents of the hip hop community, you already know how Hov officially took over practically everyone’s tweets.

I’ve never seen such a mixture of hate and adulation.

Now, I’m not one of these cats who feels that if you don’t like something it means you’re hating. And likewise I don’t believe that if you’re feeling something it means that you’re dick riding.

But I have a serious problem with the hating for no reason. Every time Jay drops a new record or makes news I get a strong reminder that despite the fact that most people want to deny it, he’s the greatest rapper of all time.

Who else gets such a buzz just for dropping a record? Who else can get so much hate for a record that’s truthfully better than at least 80% of the joints that are out at the time?

Here’s a guy who’s given us album after album of both hot and insightful music. And he gets disrespected more than Drake? What part of the game is that?

No shots at Drake whatsoever, but all across Twitter and in the comment sections on Nah Right and Rap Radar I’ve seen actual statements with Drake and Jay in the same sentence.

Even rappers have gotten their hate on.

Like this cat Mistah FAB. I have no problem with him not liking the record, of course he doesn’t have to like it. But to come out and say: ” This Jay-Z song is so weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!” irks the hell out of me.

Especially when I haven’t seen him throw shots at any of the absolute gabage (that’s right gah’baj) that’s out there. It’s almost as if cats are throwing rocks at the throne just because it’s Jay.

If the lyrics he put on this track came out of someone else’s mouth it’ll be praised as the realest shit out. But because it’s Jay it’s weak?

Shit like that just makes it ever so clear that Jay is the G.O.A.T. Hip hop has never seen an individual dominate the game the way he has and we as a whole don’t know how to embrace it.

But back to the track itself.

Of course there is a perceived element of hypocrisy involved here, seeing as Jay’s biggest artist just put on an album entirely composed of auto-tune.

But let’s get one thing straight: Kanye West is one of the most talented artists hip hop has ever seen and 808’s and Heartbreak is a piece of art. So kill that argument.

Jay is sending shots to all those “artists” who are using auto-tune just because it’s popular.

That is not hip hop. Hip hop is variety. Not copy cat.


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