Kanye: Go Hard Or Stay Home

We tote guns to the Grammy’s, pop bottles on the White House lawn/ Guess I’m just the same old Shawn

Jay-Z – “So Ghetto” 1999

Those were the type of lyrics you’d hear from Jay-z 10 years ago.

These days he’s performing with Coldplay at the Grammy’s and is more likely to be popping bottles inside the White House than on the lawn.

You can follow me to the White House, get your suit up/ Yall stuck on being hardcore, I chuck a deuce up

MJ at summer jam, Obama on the text/ Yall should be afraid of what I’m gonna do next

A small part of the reason that the president is black/ I told him I got him when he hit me on the jack

– Various lines from Blueprint 3

Clearly Jay has gotten his political weight up in the years since his 1996 debut, which for a rapper is a mighty accomplishment.

But on Sunday, however, Kanye almost set the Roc-A-Fella movement back a few steps with his impromptu hi-jacking of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

You know you’ve made a boo boo when the president, albeit off- record, speaks on your actions.

It’s time for Jay to either sit Kanye down and tell him some things, or totally distance himself from ‘Ye and his antics.

It may seem minor, but when the President of the United States is calling your only label mate a “jackass”, it’s not a good look.

Taylor Swift’s appearance on The View, a show with an Oprah-esque type of influence, didn’t help either. During her visit she told the ladies about how she felt during the award show and how Kanye hadn’t contacted her personally.

Bad look.

West has since apologized on his blog, on Jay Leno and eventually to Swift herself.

P.S. If Kanye wants to make a real statement at an award show, he should study Snoop Dogg circa 1995 at the Source Awards:

Now that’s gangsta.


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