The Calculation Intro

Over the last seven or eight years hip hop has been a lot of things. It’s been pronounced dead, laid to rest, resuscitated and whatever else.

It’s true that in the early to mid 2000’s a definite shift took place in hip hop music. Coincidentally a regional shift occurred that brought the south into the forefront as hip hop’s hotbed.

Don’t blame the south. Blame the labels. Blame the dudes behind doors that have for years slowly but surely diluted the true messages hip hop should be sending.

In 30 years hip hop as gone from being a simple  message about conditions in the street to a billion dollar industry that is seen, by the powers that be, more as a means to market to a demographic than a threat.

Hip hop once challenged the system in ways unseen by any other movement before it. Now, it’s becoming a part of the system. A big part at that.

Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. Because while a select few in hip hop  are eating and really inspiring others, the rest are starving and acting.

But despite the efforts of Corporate America to turn hip hop into another one of their tools for profit, the true spirit of the genre has not and will not die.

And with that I present the The Calculation — a break from the status quo that’s represented on the radio and television.

Its not for everybody.


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