The Boondocks: Season 3 Episode 1

Huey held his tongue for most of Episode 1 of Season 3. Don't expect that to continue.

Scratch one off of my list of comedic introspective takes on the 2008 election that I was dying to see.

After seeing Aaron McGruder’s take all I need now is for Dave Chapelle to step out and do the same. Which probably won’t ever happen in the form of a TV show but my fingers are still crossed.

Nevertheless, I’m thankful for The Boondocks return.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about last night’s episode was Huey’s relative silence.

We’re all used the show’s satirical mirror reflection of blacks in society and society as a whole, but we’re used to it being brought to us by Huey’s monotone an unapologetic commentary.

Not last night though.

And this is the reason I’m so excited about the episodes to come. Eventually he’s going to talk.

But last night the only Federal Reserve and Bilderberg Group conspiracy talk came from Grandad’s character, albeit he was referring to Huey at the time.

The main thing I took away from yesterday’s show was actually something that I wrote about a few days after the inauguration. At the time, i’m sure it seemed strange to my peers that I actually wrote a piece that supported a statement made by Rush Limbaugh. But the statement had so much truth in it.

Basically, people in general were not interested in the politics of Barack Obama. Let alone were they knowledgeable of them.

He was black, spoke well and for most that was enough.

I found this especially true among blacks from the Civil Rights era. But, truthfully, how could you blame their age group?

They’ve seen so much negativity with regard to racial divides that being elated to see a black face taking on the role of President of the United States is almost understandable.

Our generation however, should never have been so gullible. We’re internet kids. Where was our curiosity? Our willingness to dig deeper than the surface?

It was absent.

I had the opportunity to travel to parts of the country during the days leading up to Nov. 4 and saw first hand the Obama effect on the people.

After interviewing people of all ages colors and creeds in at least four different states, I found that while hope was heavily present, very few people were heavily informed or knowledgeable about issues that faced our country at the time.

As far as humor goes, the funniest scene of the episode goes to Thugnificent’s appearance on what appeared to be Bill Maher’s show and making a complete fool of himself by not knowing something as simple as the three branches of government.

All while being a major supporter of Obama’s campaign.

I’m looking forward to what Huey has to say this season with MAD anticipation. Here’s hoping he pushes the envelope even further than he has in the past.

What did you take away from last night’s episode?



  1. last night’s show was cool. i like the fact McGruder threw in the “Bilderbergs” & “The Federal Reserve”.. those that know, caught that, though it most likely flew over a few heads.. hopefully they out these criminals.. season 3 going out with a bang!

    1. Definitely shout to McGruder for throwing in the Bilderbergs and Federal Reserve.

      Can’t wait until Huey starts speaking.

      Thanks for reading fam. Stay tuned.

  2. I believe it was long overdue for someone to expose the fact that most were cheering for a face/race and not focusing on the actual politics of a POLITICAL campaign. Ironic? Probably not.

    Fav part: it would definitely be Thugnificent not knowing the basic structure and fundamentals of the government such as the 3 branches. Fourth grade information that I’m sure 75% of the population didn’t/doesn’t know. Sure Google received great hits immediately following that question.

    Great read, kid.

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