J.Cole > Drake

After flooding the market with music over the past year or so, Drake finally dropped his debut album Thank Me Later.

How did it do? Well, numbers-wise it performed solidly. As far the actual music, it left a lot to be desired. The album doesn’t suck. If you listened to Drake on the radio at any  point in 2009 or 2010 you shouldn’t be surprised at the type of a material that made the cut.

I have been watching this whole Drake movement from the beginning. When I say ‘movement’ I’m referring to everything post “Best I Ever Had” and “Every Girl.” Before then he wasn’t a movement. He was a super nice rapper who did songs with Elzhi from Slum Village and Little Brother over 9th Wonder beats.

Ever since he became affiliated with Lil Wayne and Young Money his career has taken a turn that no doubt has given him more fame and money than he could have dreamed of making by staying underground.

But what about the music?

It’s mad commercial right now and he’s not saying anything. Of course he’s got hot punchlines, but from a hip hop standpoint, his debut album doesn’t say much.

Meanwhile, an artist like Roc Nation’s J.Cole is grinding, staying underground and remaining loyal to his audience. Sure he doesn’t have a record on the radio, but at this point on the hip hop timeline who would even want to be in that category of rappers with songs on the radio.

I think J. Cole will pass on being in rotation with the likes of Roscoe Dash and the pretty boy swag movement in return for a longer career.

I checked out J. Cole at a show this weekend and just loved the fact that so many heads knew his lyric even though they don’t hear him on the radio.

Drake said it himself in a recent interview with allhiphop.com that it will be tough for him to ” ‘Comeback Season’ and J. Cole fans.”

I guess as long as the kids are eating it up he’ll continue to make that young money music. Hopefully he’ll get back to rapping sooner than later.


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