Bill O’reilly x Jon Stewart Debate Common’s White House Appearance

Bill O’reilly is back at it again. Remember Inauguration Day 2009, when he ripped Young Jeezy and Jay-Z for their remix to My President is Black?

Or when he tried nail Cam’ron and Dame Dash to the wall on his show back in ’05?

What about when his slanted coverage of Ludacris led to Pepsi dropping Luda as a spokesperson.

Well, recently First Lady Michelle Obama invited Common to deliver a poetry reading at the White House. You can only imagine O’reilly’s disgust.

But this is Common we’re talking about. Here’s a rapper who’s known with the hip hop community for bringing people together with rhymes of peace and empowerment. O’reilly’s argument revolves around the fact that Common’s music has, at times supported political prisoners like Assata Shakur and others.

Shout to Jon Stewart for taking on this debate because I’m sleep on whoever else would be able to hold court with an asshole like O’reilly and still be able to stay on point.

This is another reason why I hate ignorant rap. It’s not defensible. Common’s has a 15 year career built on solid music and still has to fight through battles like this.

Where is Jay Electronica? Ha.


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