It’s Rules To This Shit….I Wrote Me A Manual

While this isn’t a step by step booklet for you to get, it should still be saved somewhere as a reference when you need it. No, really.

Clearly Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we interact with the world. Naturally, just as there is a certain code that all reasonable people should follow in there offline lives, the same applies for the online world.

Over the course of the last few years I’ve seen numerous ethics codes violated on both Facebook and Twitter. More so on Twitter. First of all it must be understood that these are two ENTIRELY different websites. Fellas, Facebook shows you what she looks like. Twitter on the other hand is like an open door to her brain. If you can’t figure out what a girl is about after she’s given 15, 000 mini thoughts disguised as tweets, you shouldn’t play this social media game.

But for those that are built for this, here’s a few rules of engagement:

#5. Watch who you follow: Your timeline is your daily newspaper. If you don’t wanna read about what Shaquita had for dinner last night or the baby momma/daddy drama that Ray Ray is going through…don’t follow them. Treat your timeline like you’re choosing your friends. Bullshit people hit send on bullshit tweets which equals bullshit on your timeline. No bueno.

#4. Watch what you tweet:  Now this may be a tough pill to swallow for those of you who have no filter. Trust me. you need a filter. Depending on your profession, you may or may not have potential employers/connections watching your tweets. If you work in the music industry, Twitter doesn’t need to know your inner most thoughts on a particular artist that you think is trash. You wouldn’t see Bill Gates tweeting how much he hates Steve Jobs guts. And as a billionaire he can afford to be reckless. It just wouldn’t be good form. Likewise, you to be political in your thought process while tweeting.

#3. Don’t Stalk The Celebrities: Just because you see @ElliotWilson or @MissInfo and others conversing with your favorite rapper doesn’t mean you should. You may see my homie @BCamOne chatting it up with some NBA players. Again, that doesn’t mean you should. More than likely they have a relationship that exists in the real world. I hardly even “@” artists after I interview them. We ain’t THAT cool. There’s nothing wrong with throwing your two cents in on a popular topic here and there…but the constant @’ing has to stop. Instead of begging @Wale to retweet you asking him for a retweet, how about tweeting something actually re-tweet worthy.

#2. The Thirst – Should have been number one to me. If you think that “the thirst” is serious inside the club on a Saturday night, you should see what goes on online on any given day. What makes online thirst worse is the fact that it has many disguises. You’d be surprised what’s going on in some of these chic’s mentions right now. What’s going on in the DM world is even more revealing. Fam, just because she “liked” your Facebook status or retweeted you on Twitter, that doesn’t mean she wants chill with you….in most cases. Ha.

#1. Be Yourself – It’s so easy to let your imagination run wild on the world-wide web. Always remember that people know you…like, the real you. Don’t be someone online that you’ve never been known to be in real life. There’s nothing wrong with being a “regular” person. In fact, it’s us regular people who make twitter what it is. We all have unique points of views and our own tidbits to share with the world. Make sure you’re sharing YOUR OWN.


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